NiFT Takes the Spotlight at the Detroit Auto Show 2023: Pioneering the Future of Automotive Engineering and Electrification

Detroit, USA – The much-awaited Detroit Auto Show is back, and this year’s event promises to be a spectacle of automotive marvels and cutting-edge technologies. As the world gathers to witness the future of mobility, NiFT stands tall, showcasing its trailblazing innovations in electric vehicle engineering and driverless passenger vehicles. From Media Day to the NiFT’s revolutionary advancements will take center stage and redefine the automotive landscape.

Electric Vehicle Engineering: Paving the Way for Green Mobility

NiFT’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation has propelled it to the forefront of electric vehicle engineering. With a vision to democratize autonomous, sustainable, accessible, and affordable vehicles, NiFT brings forth a Sports EVs that blend high-performance with eco-friendliness. As the world transitions towards greener mobility solutions, NiFT’s electrification endeavors have become a beacon of hope for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Engineering Services: Empowering the Next Generation of Automotive Solutions

At the heart of NiFT’s success lies its team of experts, led by the visionary Shane Elwart, who boasts a remarkable history of over 100 issued patents. NiFT’s engineering services provide a one-stop solution for automotive companies seeking breakthroughs in their product offerings. From prototyping to small-scale production, NiFT empowers manufacturers to push the boundaries of innovation and create game-changing vehicles that lead the future.

Driverless Passenger Vehicles: Redefining the Art of Mobility

With the automotive landscape evolving rapidly, NiFT has set its sights on the driverless passenger vehicle arena. As the world embraces autonomous mobility, NiFT’s driverless passenger vehicle promise a seamless and safe transportation experience. Combining cutting-edge technologies with a focus on passenger comfort, NiFT’s driverless vehicles redefine the art of mobility and set new standards for transportation efficiency.

Immersive Experiences at AutoMobili-D: Witness the Future Unfold

As the automotive industry converges at AutoMobili-D, NiFT’s booth is poised to be a crowd-puller. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to experience the next generation of electric vehicles and witness the prowess of NiFT’s engineering excellence. The Powering Michigan EV Experience indoor track, sponsored by IBEW Local 58 and NECA, will provide visitors an electrifying immersion into a wide range of EV vehicles, showcasing the power and potential of green mobility.

Join Us at Booth 100: Experience the Future of Mobility

NiFT invites you to be a part of this groundbreaking automotive event. Witness the seamless integration of engineering excellence, electrification, and driverless technology at Booth 100 during Technology Days. Immerse yourself in the future of mobility and discover how NiFT is driving the world towards a sustainable and accessible automotive future.

About NiFT

NiFT is a pioneering force in the automotive industry, dedicated to revolutionizing mobility with innovative engineering solutions and sustainable technologies. With a team of visionary minds and a focus on electrification, NiFT is driving the world towards a greener and more efficient automotive future.

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Dates for the Detroit Auto Show 2023

  • EMedia Day

Wednesday, Sept. 13

  • ETechnology Days

Wednesday, Sept. 13, and Thursday, Sept. 14

  • EAutoMobili-D

Wednesday, Sept. 13 through Thursday, Sept. 14

  • EMobility Global Forum
Wednesday, Sept. 13, and Thursday, Sept. 14
  • ECharity Preview
Friday, Sept. 15